Here is the breakdown for the Male and Female Aeroquip Fittings/Adapters. We can supply this part as a whole as well as provide each individual part separately. We also provide cleaning/de-greasing of the fittings according to our customers specifications.

Aeroquip 5400 Series

Aeroquip 5400 parts

Here are a few standard Aeroquip Fitting sizes we supply. We can also supply individual parts of the fitting like the shell, poppet etc.

  *All parts available in UL*

	Size			Part Number
	1/4" Female		5400-S5-4
	1/2" Female		5400-S5-8
	3/4" Female		5400-S5-12
	1/4" Male		5400-S2-4
	1/2" Male		5400-S2-8
	3/4" Male		5400-S2-12

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Aeroquip parts

Aeroquip Parts

We supply a full range of Aeroquip parts and assemblies.   Call for more information.

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