Cryogenic Supplies

BulkHead Union Helium Regulator Transfer Lines Custom
Helium Maintenance Manifold Depressurization Tools 3 Port Manifold
Helium Tee helium Line with 90 Degree Elbow Standard Elbow

Parts & Equipment

H & J Enterprises specializes in supplying parts and equipment to the Cryogenic and Semi-conductor Industry . To the left we have pictured a few of the items we provide.

  1. 1. Bulkhead Union
  2. 2. Helium Regulator
  3. 3. Transfer Lines with Custom Fittings
  4. 4. Helium Maintenance Manifold
  5. 5. De-pressurization Tool
  6. 6. Three Port Manifold
  7. 7. Helium Tee
  8. 8. Helium Line w/90 Degree Elbow
  9. 9. Standard Elbow

We can provide any type of custom flex-line, manifold or part that you are looking for. We can help design and create the exact part you need to keep your equipment up and running. From a simple fitting to an intricate manifold, no job is too big or too small. Call for more information and let us help you with your cryogenic needs.


O2 Helium Cryo Supplies

Cryogenic supplies

Supplying parts and equipment to the cryogenic, Semi-conductor and other industries for over 20 years.

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